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What data will I require?

Data that may not be readily at hand, you will need, includes Passport No, NI Number, DL number.

You will also need to provide some documentation showing your current address and some identification document, passport, birth certificate etc.

Do I need to complete it all at one time?

You will need to complete and submit the form at one time. You can then decide how and when to send us your documentation. This can be by post, fax or upload link.


Mail to European Background, Unit 7 Moorgate Place, Moorgate Street Winchester SO23 7FX

Will my data be used for any other purpose?


Will my data be sold?


Can I receive a copy of the report on completion?

Yes, under the Data Protection Act, you may request a copy of the report. There is an administration fee of £10.00.

Are all the people working on the data background checked themselves, including sub contractors?

European Background does not use sub contractors. All the work is done internally and all employees are background checked to enhanced level.

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